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What to Expect & Rates

What Should I Expect With Heidi Davison Counselling?

If you choose to come for counselling, I will strive to offer a productive environment to safely explore your struggles and draw out strengths to allow you to give and get more out of this world. To start, I will listen to try and really understand what brings you to counselling. Maybe you know exactly what this is or maybe you are unsure but have a general sense that things just aren’t quite right. Either way, that is okay. We will work together.
On your terms, we will start to sort through some of the key challenges you face, to make them more manageable and as you feel ready, we will look at the changes you may want to make in yourself and your life. A big focus will be on the barriers that have left you feeling frustrated, helpless and unable to change in the past.

Session Fee

The rate for each hour long session is $120, and $180 for each 90 minute session.
Payment in the form of cash, cheque, e-transfer, debit or credit card is required at the end of each session.  I am registered provider with Crime Victims Assistance Program (CVAP) for victims or those closely affected by crime (to learn more, see, the First Nations Health Authority including the Residential School Survivors Program and ICBC. I also accept clients with coverage through their employer.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Depending on individual needs, goals and personal situations, the number of sessions will vary. We will discuss the frequency and number of sessions you may require. For some clients, a couple of sessions may serve their current needs, for others, more numerous sessions are helpful. Many clients also find occasional, follow-up “tweaking” appointments useful. Together, we will determine the most beneficial and feasible approach for you. Over the course of treatment, we will regularly review your progress and I will seek your feedback on how my approach is meeting your needs. This enables me to adapt my approach, if necessary, to ensure the the sessions are being used in a manner that is relevant and effective.
My aim is to engage and support you in the counselling process so that we can reach a point where you feel you have achieved what you want in your life and relationships, or have the ability to pursue this independently.

How will I be Viewed?

I view my clients and their willingness to step forward to make positive changes in their life with true admiration and esteem.


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    [email protected]
  • Phone:

    604 866 1522
  • Primary Office:

    #204 17564 56A Avenue
    Cloverdale, BC, V3S 1G3
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